The new Carroll County Energy Facility generates energy for more than 740,000 homes

Bechtel was responsible for the engineering, procurement, construction, start-up and commissioning of the new 700-megawatt gas-fired, combined-cycle generating facility in Ohio, USA which broke ground on July 21, 2015.  Bechtel also partnered with Advanced Power to develop the project.

Creation of this facility was an important step for America’s move forward into cleaner energy production. The facility meets National Ambient Air Quality Standards that protect public health and the environment and will produce half the carbon dioxide and 90 percent less sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide of a conventional coal-fired power plant.  In fact, advanced emissions-control technology makes the plant one of the cleanest and most efficient natural gas power facilities in the United States.

Providing critical energy capacity

Domestic natural gas is acknowledged as the bridge for America’s cleaner energy future. The project will provide critical electric generation capacity in a region that has experienced significant facility retirements. By the end of 2015, more than 6,300 megawatts of Ohio’s conventional coal-fired generation will be retired.

Economic stimulus for Carroll County and surrounding communities

The energy facility, Carroll County’s first construction project in 75 years, is creating new opportunities for residents and businesses. Approximately 700 construction jobs will be generated by the project and once completed, the facility will also create 25 to 30 full-time jobs.
In addition to jobs, the local economy will also benefit from the direct purchase of goods and services. Bechtel has a long history of working closely with local firms in Ohio and this project has resulted in millions of dollars' worth of contracts awarded to businesses in the community.

State of the art

Facility features cutting edge natural gas and steam turbine technology

  • Generating equipment will be powered by U.S. natural gas.
  • Combined-cycle design produces electricity efficiently – capturing waste heat to create additional electricity in the steam turbine.
  • The facility will be arranged in a 2x2x1 configuration: two gas turbines, two heat recovery steam generators and one steam turbine.
  • Air-cooled condensers minimize water consumption and wastewater discharge.

Want to learn more?

Go to the Carroll County Energy Website.

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