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Bechtel’s Impact Report


Mirror array at Ivanpah solar plant

Cleaner energy solutions to support a sustainable future

Energy plays a key role in promoting social and economic progress — and technological advancements have created new opportunities to improve how we bring power to communities worldwide.

Our customers are accelerating their efforts to reduce carbon emissions and achieve a future of net zero emissions. Today, more than half of global gross domestic product is produced in countries and regions that have committed to decarbonization targets. Ahead of the next UN climate change summit, the focus is on the shift to a carbon-free global economy.

Carbon capturehydrogen and circular economy solutions, including bioenergy, can help you meet the growing demand for downstream products in a cleaner and more sustainable way and our Bechtel Energy Technologies & Solutions team are continually are focused on the application of proven and emerging technologies to lower carbon emissions.

We can also help retrofit your existing assets to make them more energy efficient or convert them to alternative power sources. Whether that is implementing new technology that converts gas to electric drives adding carbon capture systems to existing fossil fuel plants, prolonging the life of nuclear power plants, or industrial-scale production of renewable fuel, our solutions will help to deliver on your sustainability commitments.

Bechtel has spent more than a century helping customers navigate shifts in energy consumption, technological change, financing challenges, and a sharpening focus on sustainable alternatives. Our commitment to you is to help turn today’s political and social momentum for energy change into a reality, and work together to ensure our planet thrives for many generations to come.

Project development and financing

Tight capital budgets, access to private equity, and an ever-expanding regulatory environment can make it difficult to get essential projects off the ground. Leveraging our dedicated Bechtel Enterprises team, our customers can get access to development capital, planning and permitting, and financing services to help bring projects from concept to completion.

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    New Technologies and Innovation

    We are helping accelerate technologies and funding solutions to grow the world’s sustainability footprint, including nationwide EV charging facilities, master planning with a relentless focus on early economic and social gains, using proven techniques from our energy and power markets to decarbonize existing assets, improve renewables constructability, and recycle carbon emissions.

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    Cleaner Energy - Smaller Footprint

    An example of how early engagement can help realize a project is the Stonewall Energy Center. Here, a local real estate developer’s idea for a secure data center backed by a reliable power source resulted in the state-of-the-art combined cycle power plant. Our team provided development capital and permitting, as well as securing a long-term equity partner to help the project expedite financial close.

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