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COVID-19 Safe Work Guidance

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Sharing safety practices

Above all else, the safety and health of our colleagues, customers, partners, suppliers, and communities where we live and work is not only a priority for our company, it is a core value. The Bechtel COVID-19 Crisis Management Committee, made up of leaders throughout the business, has been interfacing with public health officials, obtaining outside expertise, and consolidating best practices to develop a set of global guidance documents and educational material that can be implemented to create and maintain safe workplaces. 

Our global guidance documents are based on U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  and Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidance and regulations.  However, we are a global company and therefore our guidance documents provide flexibility to adjust as needed to meet local or other country health and safety requirements which may differ from the U.S. Federal regulations and guidance.

While each Bechtel work location will have its own detailed plan, every location is taking all of the appropriate measures for distancing, cleaning, hygiene, health monitoring, contact tracing, and use of personal protective equipment set forth in our global standards with adjustments as needed to meet any additional local requirements.

Like others sharing best practices, we hope that these guidelines and plans can provide insight into how to increase the safety and health of work environments, and contribute to slowing the spread of the virus.

Stay safe.

COVID-19 safe work guidance documents for download









NOTE: Bechtel is providing this material for informational purposes only.  It is not intended as legal or ES&H advice. Nothing herein should be used without consulting a lawyer and ES&H professional to consider your specific circumstances and possible changes to applicable laws, rules and regulations.