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Bechtel’s Impact Report


High speed rail train

Driving low-carbon, inclusive mobility

Our customers understand the tremendous positive impact of rail to their communities, businesses and the environment. Functioning like a central nervous system, these inclusive railway networks provide safe, clean and rapid journeys for passengers and efficient transit of goods.

Governments who have committed to net zero carbon targets are rightly choosing rail as one of the greener modes of transport, and we are working with our customers be an active part of the solution through robust sustainability strategies, further electrification, deployment of smart technologies and digitization, and innovations focused on improving operational resilience and energy efficiencies.

As well as being a major part of our customers’ future, rail holds a special place in our history. Bechtel’s infrastructure journey started with construction of a railroad in 1898. Since then we have helped design, engineer and build some of the most innovative rail projects around the world. For example, the celebrated Channel Tunnel and then the UK’s first-ever high speed rail line, finishing on a renovated St Pancras station using original plans from 1868.

Today, we are honored to be helping our customers in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East to take major strides in delivery of innovative and record-breaking city metros, high-speed lines and light rail schemes. All of these projects are providing low-carbon mobility and contributing to more equitable, connected, and prosperous communities.

Timeline image

skyline view of building site
Riyadh Metro

artist impression of Sydney station
Sydney Metro

tunnel with train approaching

construction workers within tunnel
Edmonton LRT

Texas high speed rail platform with customers waiting on train
Texas High Speed Rail

Women in rail

As a company we are lucky to have inspirational female rail leaders who are making a positive difference in an industry where women are still significantly underrepresented. 
Read about them and our plan to tackle D&I across the industry.

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