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Bechtel’s Impact Report

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Helping Communities Through Impact Infrastructure



We are committed to building sustainable projects that make a lasting impact in the communities that need it the most. This is how we are building a better world.

We created in 2019 because we believe that infrastructure is a force for social good. delivers sustainable, scalable infrastructure projects to address local challenges through what we call “impact infrastructure.”

Impact Infrastructure is infrastructure that is tied to the wellbeing of communities. It’s resilient and built at the community level. Importantly, it integrates long-term risks and vulnerability assessments into building flexible, sustainable solutions that reduce the adverse impacts of natural hazards and human-made catastrophes. addresses challenges such as electrification and digital connectivity, food security, land regeneration, and climate-resilient housing. This critical work involves proactively identifying issues, designing solutions, and deploying the know-how to engineer and build for the greater good.



Image of Brendan Bechtel, chairman and chief executive officer of Bechtel

"We started to help build resilient and sustainable communities. We’re seeking projects and partnerships that can produce scalable solutions for underserved communities around the world."

Brendan Bechtel, chairman and chief executive officer of Bechtel

Featured Projects

Sumaq Wasi Project

The Sumaq Wasi project in the remote Peruvian Andes aims to reverse the rising number of illnesses and deaths brought on by extreme frost.

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HealthGRID Project

The HealthGRID project will supply reliable electricity to more than 30 off-grid health facilities in Sierra Leone, expanding access to healthcare and Covid-19 vaccinations.

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Kochi Canal Regeneration

The Kochi project will integrate civil infrastructure with nature-based solutions to bolster flood resilience in India.

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Food Security and Resilience originated a project in Zambia to set-up several commodity marketplaces in rural provinces. Conceived by and Empowering Farmers Foundation, this project is a direct response to Africa’s food supply challenges exacerbated by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

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Our Focus

Every project starts with a social need – for example, tackling life-threatening illnesses or establishing a safe haven for women to prosper. From there, we work closely with local communities, agencies, and experts, and draw upon Bechtel’s global engineering, construction and project management experience, to develop a framework for project delivery.

Our Approach

Applying our three pillars of impact, partners with communities and stakeholders to identify the social need; help design and deliver infrastructure solutions; and share the data and lessons learned to maximize the benefits.

  • Impact Thinking

    A deep understanding of the needs and challenges of communities requires empathy and engagement.

  • Thought Leadership

    Meaningful impact comes through engaging, sharing, and inspiring others to action.