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Bechtel’s Impact Report

Brownfield Execution

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Improving energy efficiency while decarbonizing existing facilities

Our customers are setting ambitious decarbonization targets. Whether their goal is to increase access to renewable energy sources, improve energy efficiencies, or decarbonize existing infrastructure, we are proud to support this critical path to a cleaner planet. 

As a trusted EPC contractor to our industry partners, we understand the complexity of brownfield construction in operating plants, and work closely with plant operations and maintenance personnel to meet scheduled plant downtime, minimize impacts to production, and work within  HSE programs.  

Facility expansion optimization and capital improvements

We can help customers assess facility expansion needs and implement solutions to achieve the best combination of efficiency, cost, reliability, and the turndown capability needed to provide flexible LNG delivery. Our expertise has been refined through delivering some of the world's largest LNG production facilities and 30% of the world’s production capacity.

Design life studies

Executing plant life extension services in brownfield environments can improve the performance of operating assets. We will bring our established and enhanced asset life study methods to assess the current condition of the plant and ensure the successful procurement, and execution of all required modifications and optimize the schedule and cost of implementation for:

  • Life extension
  • Qualification of existing materials and systems
  • Turndown analysis
  • Stress and structural analysis
  • Isolation and preservation review
  • Enhanced management of change and functional safety programs through hazard identification (HAZID), hazard and operability (HAZOP), and safety integrity level (SIL) reviews and implementation and layers of protection analysis (LOPA)
  • Advanced work packaging and simultaneous operations (SIMOPS)

Advanced work packaging and SIMOPS

Advanced work packaging allows customers to visualize and plan work fronts, assess material availability, and organize engineering design and construction priorities by improving SIMOPS execution. This process improves cost, schedule, safety, and quality performance.

Turnaround planning in 4D

Construction of 4D models allows the team to visualize the progress of construction activities throughout the lifecycle of the project. This data-centric approach improves the management and delivery of construction projects, increases collaboration and eliminates waste.  

The transparency of 4D enables the turnaround execution team to work collaboratively with engineering, procurement, and fabrication to fully understand interfaces and potential conflicts, increasing value and improving outcomes.

Delivering projects early to market 

Reduced schedules and more efficient and productive facilities can be delivered by controlling the critical path, integrating teams, reducing interfaces, and managing project risks.

This integrated approach to construction has reduced the time it takes to successfully deliver projects to our operating partners, consistently resulting in the shortest schedules in the industry.

Our EPC expertise model emcopasses the complete spectrum of engineering, procurement, and construction services from concept to detailed design, fully-integrated self-perform construction and startup, through to plant support services during operations.

Through value engineering and optimized designs, we have helped our customers achieve millions of dollars of total installed cost savings — including significant reductions in bulk material quantities, equipment costs, and construction direct and indirect costs.