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  • Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project

    Advanced Mixed Waste

    Cleaning up radioactive waste in Idaho, from weapons produced during the left over Cold War

  • Aerial view of Alba

    Alba Potline 6

    The world's largest aluminum smelter outside China, including 13.8 million job hours without a lost-time injury in 2019.

  • Albanian Motorway Bridge

    Albanian Motorway

    A four-lane highway providing vital connection within Albania and across the region, linking markets to the Adriatic port of Durres and contributing to economic growth.

  • Alma Aluminum Smelter

    Alma Aluminum Smelter

    A smelter with the capacity of more than 400,000 metric tons per year is helping Québec lower its environmental impact through emissions reduction.

  • stacks of aluminum


    A world-class bauxite project minimizing environmental impacts, strengthening relationships with neighboring communities and fostering economic development.

  • Angola LNG Skilled Workers

    Angola LNG

    An onshore processing plant that is reducing natural gas flaring and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Section of the Ankara-Gerede Highway

    Ankara-Gerede Highway

    One of the largest road projects in history that was crucial to building the Turkish economy

  • AEDC Facilities

    Arnold Engineering Development Complex

    AEDC, the most advanced and largest complex of flight simulation test facilities in the world, performs work for the Department of Defense, Army, Navy and Air Force; the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

  • Construction of the Athens Metro System

    Athens Metro

    A rapid-transit system in Greece that relieves congestion, boosts commerce and decreases pollution by removing some 375,000 cars a day from the road.

  • Solar panels

    Australia-Asia PowerLink

    The AA PowerLink is the first of its kind and will take advantage of one of the most reliably sunny places in the world to boost the Australian and Singaporean economies and hasten energy transition.