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Bechtel’s Impact Report


WaaTeeKaa on jobsite in the 1920s


What is WaaTeeKaa?

  • WaaTeeKaa, a century-old railroad car, was a home on wheels for Steve Bechtel, his wife Laura, and their two kids Steve Jr. and Barbara—allowing the family to live at remote job sites around the country. 
  • Clara Bechtel, the wife of company founder Warren Bechtel, named WaaTeeKaa after the way her three sons pronounced their names as toddlersWaa for Warren, Tee for Steve, and Kaa for Kenneth. 
  • From 1988 to 2018, the railroad car was based in S.D. Bechtel Plaza, next to our long-time office in San Francisco's Financial District, and served as our company museum. 


WaaTeeKaa in the 1920s.

Why now?

  • As part of our 125th anniversary celebrations, WaaTeeKaa has been reimagined, and will reopen as our company museum this fall. 
  • WaaTeeKaa will be open to the public. Visitors will experience interactive exhibits including highlights of past megaprojects such as the Hoover Dam and the English Channel Tunnel. 
  • A virtual tour of the railroad car will also be made available. 

WaaTeeKaa in 2023 in Reston, Virginia.

WaaTeeKaa Through the Years