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Bechtel’s Impact Report

Data Centers

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Enabling a secure connected world

By 2030, the number of smart and physical devices connected to the internet is expected to rise to 125 billion – which means every one of us will be connected to about 15 devices, phones, computers, machines. Many companies, freelancers and self-employed are also focusing on fully digitizing their business processes in the aftermath of Covid, and as such we expect the shift in data traffic patterns to largely remain. This is putting an extraordinary pressure on internet service providers, and we understand your need to deliver this infrastructure timely to support the growing demand.

In this hyper-digital age, data centers are used for the remote storage and processing of data and information – cloud computing. As the backbone to maintaining their customers’ business operations, data centers must run on time, reliably and efficiently in a secure manner 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Bechtel’s 20-plus year global experience deploying data centers and associated communications network equipment includes program management, engineering, procurement, and construction of facilities for Tritel, XO, Western Integrated Networks, Viatel, MFN, Equinix, TELx, Digex, IBM, and other operators across the US, UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific regions.

The increased demand for data centers also comes with significant energy needs – and our customers are rightly seeking ways to power their assets sustainably. In 2019 the four largest cloud computers procured 3.76 gigawatts of renewable energy alone. Google is one of the largest corporate purchasers of green energy and recently unveiled their ‘carbon intelligent’ platform which involves load-shifting the largest computing jobs to times when they can be powered by renewables. Microsoft recently announced plans to halve their carbon emissions by 2030 across both data centers and their entire supply chain. Facebook achieved 86% renewable energy supporting their operations in 2019, and AWS announced three new windfarms across Europe and the United States in 2019, adding to more than 50% renewable energy use the previous year.

Data centers are a key component for the digital world, and our commitment to you is a focus on speed, scale, power efficiency and reliability.

Organizations worldwide are relying more and more on digital infrastructure to communicate with customers and improve their offerings.  We understand that a day lost building data center infrastructure will cost you and the people and businesses you serve. We plan, permit, design and construct data centers with an unwavering focus on speed to market and certainty of delivery.  We have also rescued projects for our customers who are facing the risk of falling behind schedule.

Working with you to understand your business needs

Bechtel’s combination of world-class EPC capabilities, reputation for delivery certainty, proven project management work processes, construction management and scope integration and technical excellence allow us to develop, implement and execute data centers for both mission critical and commercial customers to your precise expectation. We perform program management, siting, engineering, permitting, procurement, & construction management for various data center providers internationally.  Our experience building over 250+ network operating and data centers globally over the years gives us the confidence to say we have the right solution to support your business needs. 

Global expertise, local delivery  

We believe that local workforces are the most heavily invested in making local projects successful and adding benefit to their communities.  Collectively Bechtel’s projects create thousands of local jobs in their respective geographic areas each year.  We are committed to sharing our experience, utilizing local labor, and making a positive impact in each and every community in which we participate. For example, our emergency telecommunications restoration in Iraq in the 2000’s restored the North-South fiber backbone in the country and 12 temporary switch installations delivered connectivity to 240,000 Iraqi subscribers.

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