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Bechtel’s Impact Report

Iron Ore

steel beams

The Backbone of Industry

Almost all the world’s iron ore output is used to produce steel, the foundation of transportation infrastructure, housing, buildings, industry, heavy machinery, and automobiles.

We have been assisting our customers in the delivery of iron ore plants since 1954, first in Venezuela, then in Canada, and, most recently, in Western Australia, where we have an office dedicated to supporting the world’s most efficient producers of seaborne iron ore.

Regardless of where the projects are located, Bechtel and its customers strive to protect and respect local communities and the environment.

Bulk Materials Handling Center of Excellence

Optimizing the way bulk materials are managed can have an enormous impact on overall project cost and plant availability. Incorporating innovation and improvement initiatives are critical to meet customers’ focus on productivity and energy efficiency needs.

Our Bulk Materials Handling team assists with the technical leadership required to ensure the latest technologies are incorporated into capital projects. Our first-principles design approach provides the flexibility to design systems from base componentry up, minimizing capital intensity and maximizing construction efficiency and operability.

Learn more about the Bulk Materials Handling Center of Excellence here.

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