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  • Sumaq Wasi Housing: Beating the Cold

    In this three-part series, Bechtel's Heloisa Schmidt, manager, Corporate Sustainability, and Mellissa Case, sustainable development manager, Mining and Metals, share their on-the-ground experiences in Peru talking to Bechtel colleagues, partners, and community members. In this first installment, learn about the innovative partnership that is helping to protect indigenous families from extreme frost in the remote Andes.

  • Nuclear Energy, Net Zero, and Energy Security

    In a newly released report, Nuclear Energy in Wales, the UK Parliament’s Welsh Affairs Committee considers Wales’ role in the UK Government’s nuclear ambitions, reviewing the economic impact of nuclear energy as well as the development and feasibility of implementing new technologies into Wales’ clean energy mix.

  • Mining & metals: On the critical path to net zero

    The mining and metals industry is on the critical path to net zero. In what is perhaps the great paradox of energy transition, one of the biggest risks to achieving net zero by 2050 is the lack of metals that are required to transform the world’s energy system and can only come from a lot more mining. Expediting delivery of the industry’s pipeline of growth projects is essential to maintaining our net zero schedule.

  • Busting perceptions to shape better performance

    Busting perceptions to shape better performance

    The lack of diversity in the EPC industry impacts our ability to better problem solve and innovate. Attraction and retention are two key issues. In Australia, we are partnering with several organizations that are aligned with our core values such as Engineering Aid Australia and STEM Returners.

  • Five ways to build supply chain resiliency

    Five ways to build supply chain resiliency

    The COVID-19 pandemic shook global supply chains to their core.One benefit of this disruption: if not for the supply chain deficiencies that were pushed harshly into view with the pandemic, we wouldn’t have promptly identified and embraced essential new demands like sustainability. Bechtel is leveraging our legacy and learnings to ensure more resilient and sustainable supply chains going forward.

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