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Mellissa Case

  • portrait of Mellissa Case
    Manager of Sustainability, Bechtel Mining and Metals

Mellissa Case has more than two decades of practical expertise in social performance, communications, human rights, indigenous participation and local content. Working with Bechtel for 12 years, she has supported multiple GBU project developments across Australia, USA, Canada, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa. She was recently co-chair of the IPIECA Social Responsibility Working Group, leading the Stakeholder Engagement and Indigenous Peoples Taskforces to develop global guidance for the oil and gas industry on topics including community agreement making, free prior informed consent, local content, and community relations practitioner training. She has direct project experience working with remote indigenous communities in Australia, Canada, and Alaska and holds a Master of Public Relations and post graduate degree in Responsible Mining Development.

Posts by Mellissa Case

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  • Sumaq Wasi Housing: Beating the Cold

    In this three-part series, Bechtel's Heloisa Schmidt, manager, Corporate Sustainability, and Mellissa Case, sustainable development manager, Mining and Metals, share their on-the-ground experiences in Peru talking to Bechtel colleagues, partners, and community members. In this first installment, learn about the innovative partnership that is helping to protect indigenous families from extreme frost in the remote Andes.

  • Shifting from stakeholder engagement to stakeholder trust

    • February 15, 2016
    • portrait of Mellissa Case
      Manager of Sustainability, Bechtel Mining and Metals
    • By Mellissa Case

    The economic, social, and environmental effects of three massive projects on a small coastal city in Gladstone have been significant. A “trust deficit” with its nearly 35,000 residents required Bechtel to rethink our stakeholder engagement approach. Together with our customers and partners, we shifted from a transactional model of stakeholder engagement to a transformational model of stakeholder trust. Read Mellissa Case's Build100 blog and white paper to learn how.