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Bechtel’s Impact Report

Real-time process operations optimization

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Ensuring the success of LNG operations

Bechtel takes a holistic approach to plant asset maximization, which includes plant operations monitoring and data collection, calibrated plant behavioral models that use proprietary simulation and mathematical tools, screening technology improvements, virtual plant optimization, and robust operations implementation. 

Liquefaction technology optimization and troubleshooting

LNG plant profitability depends on maximizing plant production, reducing fuel consumption and maintenance, and delivering consistent and reliable plant operations.

Bechtel has experience on multiple base load and small LNG plants, using all major LNG technologies and will evaluate the optimal technologies for customers addressing site, plot, emissions, constructability and energy usage constraints.

Acid gas removal designs drive down CO2 footprint

Plant design can accommodate the processing of a wide range of acid gas components (primarily CO2)  in feed gas composition and can to provide unique debottlenecking solutions for future changes in feed gas/acid gas composition.

Bechtel has also developed competitive template designs for CO2 compression. Our acid gas capture designs can be utilized to remove and sequester CO2 from the feed gas as well as gas turbine exhausts which helps in reducing the overall facility CO2 footprint.

By delivering more than 40 acid gas removal units, our experts have developed a vast amount of knowledge in designing, starting up, operations trouble shooting and de-bottlenecking global LNG facilities, utilizing various carbon capture solvents and process /technology design configurations.

Dehydration performance enhancement

Plant performance-based empirical models can be used to assess the sustainability of vendor provided dehydration bed and regeneration system designs. The models help us optimize and deliver robust dehydration plants that exceed the required LNG facility specifications.

Bechtel has successfully delivered multiple feed gas dehydration units using various molecular sieve technologies and can leverage our performance expertise in dehydration and our empirical tools to troubleshoot and improve performance on existing dehydration units.

High-temperature operation optimization

In regions where challenging environmental conditions impose large ambient temperature swings, facility designs must be customized for optimal production performance.

Bechtel has been able to maximize LNG production across the temperature range while reducing specific fuel consumption with solutions that improve process efficiency with high-thermal-efficiency gas turbines, achieve power augmentation with turbine inlet air-cooling technologies, and balance refrigeration compressor design trade-offs.

Debottlenecking for greater profitability

Optimization of an LNG plant means improved productivity, safer operation, lower maintenance costs, a targeted emissions profile, and greater profitability throughout the life of the facility. Our world-class expertise delivers long-term, reliable plant optimization for our customers.

Feed gas change management

As LNG feed gas changes through the lifetime of plant operations, timely and cost-effective modifications are required in order to maintain successful plant operations.  These changes can be minor or disruptive to an operating plant. Supporting our customers through these changes, we can assist in designs and modifications that limit CAPEX cost and reduce downtime.

Bechtel has designed and delivered LNG plants that can seamlessly accommodate and effectively manage a wide range of feed gas compositions. We can leverage this experience in providing state-of-the-art designs including Nitrogen Rejection Units (NRUs), Heavies Removal Units (HRU), Acid Gas Removal Units (AGRUs) and dehydration units that can process challenging gas composition swings with stable operation between high and extremely low feed/LNG turndown rates.

Gas turbine performance enhancement

Bechtel can provide value to our customers in asset maximization and emissions control by deploying  senior LNG technology experts to the site to collect plant operations data, interact with operations personnel and use advanced modeling techniques to develop operational enhancements with potential design upgrades. Bechtel can support customers in implementing the required operational parameters and guiding the operations team to realize the targeted benefits. We also carryout required plant design upgrade modifications.

Existing equipment performance evaluations

LNG plant profitability depends on maximizing plant production and reducing fuel consumption and maintenance while delivering consistent and reliable plant operation. Bechtel LNG specialized services provide LNG industry access experts who can address any performance issues identified in operational equipment.