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Bechtel’s Impact Report

Advanced Simulation - Operator Training

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Delivering fully operational facilities

Real-world know-how is a critical factor in preparing a new operations team to successfully operate a new LNG facility. The implementation of operator training programs, coupled with technology expertise, will ensure customer teams are ready to take over operations immediately.

LNG and facility operator training

Bechtel has successfully guided and trained operators on all the LNG plants delivered to date. We can train staff on ConocoPhillips (COP) Optimized Cascade (OCP), Air Products and Chemicals propane precooled mixed refrigerant (APCI C3MR), and integrated pre-cooled single mixed refrigerant (IPSMR) LNG technologies.

Operator training simulator development or upgrades

Simulations of the facility operating environment enable operator trainees to fully understand work conditions, test varied scenarios, and receive safe hands-on training.

Advanced control and digitization strategies to increase cyber resiliency

We deliver asset management solutions encompassing engineering, systems, process engineering optimization, and predictive analytics to help our customers improve enterprise resiliency, business continuity, and digital-physical safety from design through operations.