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Bechtel’s Impact Report

Defense & Security

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Serving U.S. and allied governments, creating a safer and more secure world

When your mission is to maintain national and global security, your capabilities must keep pace with evolving threats. The U.S. government and its allies have committed to develop innovative capabilities and modernize aging infrastructure - all in a time of uncertain government budgets. Their missions are among the most complex and important in the world.

We have partnered with the U.S. government and its allies for more than 80 years to help deliver a safer and more secure world by providing:

Safe and secure operations

UPF under construction

Expert engineering, procurement, and construction of nuclear, high-hazard, and highly secure facilities such as the U.S. Uranium Processing Facility in Tennessee, an expansion of the high-performance computing center at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, and the two-reactor expansion of the Plant Vogtle nuclear power plant in the state of Georgia.

Mission critical assets

workers safely handle chemical munitions

Operations and maintenance of mission-critical sites for the U.S. Armed Forces and U.S. Department of Energy that maintain and safeguard the nuclear weapons stockpile, ground-test new aerospace systems, and safely dispose of stored chemical weapons.

Responsible stewardship of public funds

the HMS Montrose at sunset

Long-term planning, process improvement, and program management to help governments ensure value for money when they purchase goods and services or build multi-billion-dollar megaprojects.

Protected infrastucture

secure lab facility

Design and delivery of complete and cyber-secure operational systems and infrastructure that protect sensitive data, industrial and plant controls, and robotics.

Over the last year, almost all of our defense contracts (greater than 90 percent) were in the U.S., with a small percentage in allied countries with high scores on the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index.

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