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Bechtel’s Impact Report

UK Programs

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A trusted UK partner for nearly 70 years

Our UK partners in industry and governemnt have improved lives, cleaned up the environment, and completed projects with regional and national impacts for nearly 70 years. 

In addition to heavy infrastructure and power projects, we align our capabilities in megaproject delivery, complex solutions, and project management to deliver successful outcomes in national defence, environmental cleanup, and green energy.

Addressing the Nuclear Waste Legacy

The Sellafield Site in northwest England was the centre of the UK's nuclear technology starting in the mid-20th century. Today it works with commercial partners such as Bechtel to address the problems of safely retrieving waste stored for decades. 

Green Energy

The UK is committed to bringing all greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2050. Nuclear energy holds great promise to achieving that goal by producing zero-carbon electricity, reducing dependence on fossil fuels, and providing an always-on complement to renewables such as wind, solar, and tidal energy.

National Security

The UK is committed to modernising its defence facilities, weapons systems, and project management practices. A ministry-wide transformation is occurring. 


Bechtel spends more than $13 billion US each year, on average, purchasing goods and services from suppliers worldwide. Rather than sell you a proprietary product or technology, we bring forward the best solutions and integrate them for our customers. 

We are active members and proud to support the UK Nuclear Industry Association, Britain's Energy Coast Business Cluster, and Women in Nuclear.