Cleaner energy solutions to support a sustainable future

Energy plays a key role in promoting social and economic progress, and technological advancements have created new opportunities to accelerate and improve how we bring power to homes and businesses worldwide.

Our customers are leading the effort to meet soaring energy needs – using a diverse range of technology solutions to create a reliable and sustainable grid. We are proud to help them deliver a variety of innovative solutions, including storage, solar, wind, hydro, simple-cycle and combined-cycled plants as well as nuclear power.

Finding the right solution

Our customers rely on our ability to deliver across the full spectrum of projects in their evolving power portfolios, including renewables, carbon capture, and cleaner natural gas to provide critical load balancing and reliability to the grid.

With rapid technological advances, the energy market has greater carbon-reducing power generation options than ever before. We work with our customers to determine the best technological solution and services to meet their objectives.

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  • Installation of utility-scale solar
  • On and off-shore wind turbine erection as well as repowering of existing assets
  • Civil, powerhouse, and turbine installation for hydroelectric power 
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Combined and simple cycle

  • Record-speed design & build of combined-cycle plant with our long-term partners
  • Rapid rollout of simply cycle power plants providing reliable back-up for renewables
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  • design & build power transformers to substations in populated urban areas as well as remote locations
  • back-up power for smart cities; data centres and mega-projects
Nuclear power

Nuclear power

Decarbonization Technology

Decarbonization Technology

  • Application of carbon capture technologies in a power generation setting
  • Utilization of various storage technologies including battery and pumped storage

Project development and financing

Tight budgets, access to private capital, and an ever-expanding regulatory environment can make it difficult to get essential projects off the ground. Leveraging our dedicated Bechtel Enterprises team, we are continually supporting our clients with development capital; planning and permitting; and financing services to help bring projects from concept to completion.

An example of how early engagement can help realize a project is Stonewall Energy Center, where a local real estate developer’s idea for a secure data center and reliable power source resulted in a state-of-the-art combined cycle power plant and was backed by a development partnership that provided funding and development, and technical know-how.

New technologies and innovation

New technologies and innovation

One of the biggest challenges facing the energy industry and our customers today is the reduction and elimination of carbon. We are actively committed to developing new scalable, economical, customer-oriented solutions to the carbon challenge whether through renewables, advanced energy storage or direct carbon capture. Our extensive experience in the oil, gas, and chemicals and power markets has given us significant expertise in the technologies employed to capture, transport, and utilize carbon dioxide.

To date, we have helped our customers with more than 40 amine-based CO2 / Hydrogen Sulfide removal systems for LNG and gas processing. Most recently, we engaged with the Department of Energy to explore implementing a carbon capture solution on a gas fired plant in Northern Texas that could remove up to one million tons of carbon from the environment. The findings and research developed through these projects advances the feasibility, and provides our customers and the industry with a baseline to build upon for future carbon capture efforts.

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