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Bechtel’s Impact Report

Phosphates and Industrial Minerals

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Helping Feed the World

Fertilizers have been used since the beginning of agriculture. They improve the productivity of arable land, and nitrogen-based fertilizers now support about half of the world’s food needs. As the global population continues to grow, both bio-based and mineral fertilizers offer improved food production, a need identified as one of the United Nations 2030 Sustainability Goals.

Major technological inventions are delivering higher capacity production plants with economies of scale. The use of membranes and ion exchange technologies are removing impurities, thus offering greater use of natural resources along with the growing demand for bio-based and mineral fertilizers.

Our Battery Minerals, Chemicals, & Fertilizers Center of Excellence, based in Melbourne, Australia, assists our customers by applying the latest technologies and innovations to the beneficiation, phosphatic, and nitrogenous processes producing key industrial-scale fertilizers such as mono-ammonium phosphate (MAP), di-ammonium phosphate (DAP) and granular super triple phosphate (TSP).

Customers have access to our group of experts, who have vast experience in plant engineering, operations, design, and optimization. The team develops upstream solutions from pre-feasibility studies to execution by combining leading technology with innovation, new sustainable processing facilities, and integrated infrastructure, allowing Bechtel to provide our customers with pit-to-port solutions, regardless of the logistical challenges or locations.

Learn more about the Battery Minerals, Chemicals, & Fertilizers Center of Excellence here.

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