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Bechtel’s Impact Report

Ethics & Compliance

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Committed to the highest ethical standards

Bechtel will conduct all business transactions in a proper, fair, impartial, and ethical manner, avoiding even the appearance of impropriety. We seek customers and partners who share our values and standards of conduct.


At the beginning of every customer relationship, we sit down together and define what good looks like in terms of being a good partner. As part of that, I give every customer a copy of our Vision, Values & Commitments and say, ‘this is our ultimate measure of success. If we’re not living up to this, pick up the phone and call me, and we will fix it. 


  • Bechtel Employee


    We encourage and expect Bechtel employees to speak up if they become aware of any unlawful or unethical conduct.

    The Bechtel Ethics HelpLine is a confidential means of communication separate from line management available to employees to discuss any ethics or compliance question or concern. The HelpLine is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by an independent service provider. We make available native speakers or translators of more than 200 languages.

    Our colleagues can raise issues online and outside the Bechtel network via a web portal at Colleagues can access this portal using any Internet connection, and Bechtel log-in information is not required.

    The site includes frequently asked questions about the HelpLine process and a copy of the Bechtel Code of Conduct.

  • Industry Leadership

    Bechtel also promotes global standards of ethical business conduct through our involvement with leading organizations.

    We are proud to be:


    • Bechtel received an A rating in the 2015 Transparency International-UK Defence Companies Anti-Corruption Index.
    • Bechtel was the recipient of the Transparency International USA Corporate Leadership Award in 2016.
    • Michael Bailey, General Counsel, received World Recognition of General Counsel award from  the Directors Roundtable.

    A Corporate Member in

    • The Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI)

    Actively Involved in

    • The Coalition for Integrity

    In addition, Bechtel’s General Counsel serves on the Coalition for Integrity's Board of Trustees and the Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer serves on the ECI Board of Directors. Ethics & compliance officers actively participate in the following groups via their individual memberships:

    • The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics
    • The Bay Area Ethics & Compliance Association 
    • The Capitol Area Business Ethics Network
    • The Houston Compliance Counsel Exchange
    • The Houston Compliance Roundtable
    • A contributing corporate fellow of the Ethics and Compliance Initiative