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Bechtel’s Impact Report

Business Resource Groups

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Creating a culture of inclusion

Business Resource Groups provide strategic support to the enterprise. Integrated into our global D&I strategy, these groups help our organization better understand the needs of our customer base and our employees, foster innovation through a diverse workforce, and create an inclusive culture.  They also provide individuals the opportunity to build professional relationships, expand personal networks, develop leadership skills, and feel part of a community with  a sense of belonging.

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Bechtel’s Black Employee Opportunity and Leadership Development’s vision is to foster an inclusive community based on three strategic principles: to attract, retain, and provide opportunities for advancement to Bechtel employees who identify as Black or of African descent (referred to collectively as “Black”) through networking, career development, and mentorship.

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The mission of B-Familia is to integrate our Hispanic and Latinx employees and create value for the Bechtel organization, employees, and the community. We will support and empower our Latinx employees to be leaders, influencers, and contributors to the Bechtel organization and the communities we serve by providing tools, professional development, and the opportunity for everyone to be their authentic selves.



B-InspirAsian’ s mission is to increase awareness for the diverse Asian culture, its traditions, and Bechtel’s refreshed VV&Cs. Our BRG is committed to cultivating a welcoming environment for the Asia and Pacific Islander community members within the company, specifically through talent, professional development, leadership, and business growth.



Boundless@Bechtel aims to build a community committed to disability inclusion, empowering individuals with disabilities, their families, and caregivers by offering resources to raise awareness, encouraging engagement and inspiring action, ensuring everyone is valued and supported in an inclusive environment.

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B-PRO is focused on supporting the orientation, development, retention, and empowerment of employees at all levels of their careers, through professional development, professional networking, orientation, and stewardship activities.

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B-PROUD’s vision is to bring together LGBTQ+ employees and allies to foster an inclusive and respectful culture, free from discrimination by demystifying the challenges LGBTQ+ staff face at work. We provide a space where employees can be themselves, achieve their best, and perform their roles to the fullest, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.


BSERV’s mission is to diversify and expand Bechtel talent by focusing on veteran recruiting, hiring, and promotion efforts to make Bechtel the employer of choice for transitioning military members and their families. We will continue supporting a culture that values veterans and helps them feel welcomed, respected, and fairly treated to ensure we retain their diverse and specialized talent. Lastly, we actively driving accountability for veteran awareness and appreciation of veteran contributions to the company.

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Women@Bechtel’s vision is to make Bechtel the employer of choice for women. We support sustaining and developing the female employee pipeline by empowering women to Join, Stay, and Thrive at Bechtel.

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