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Welcome to the Bechtel blog, where we share ideas on sustainability and innovation.

Desalination Plants for the Mining Industry: Promoting Efficient Water Usage

While the mining sector in Chile represents only 1.3 percent of the total water consumption at the national level, water remains a scarce and finite resource. Learn about how Bechtel has been involved in building three of Chile’s largest desalination plants supplying industrial water to production facilities and drinking water to populations without access.

Desalination Plant at the QB2 project in Iquique, Chile
  • Sumaq Wasi Housing: Beating the Cold

    In this three-part series, Bechtel's Heloisa Schmidt, manager, Corporate Sustainability, and Mellissa Case, sustainable development manager, Mining and Metals, share their on-the-ground experiences in Peru talking to Bechtel colleagues, partners, and community members. In this first installment, learn about the innovative partnership that is helping to protect indigenous families from extreme frost in the remote Andes.

  • Nuclear Energy, Net Zero, and Energy Security

    In a newly released report, Nuclear Energy in Wales, the UK Parliament’s Welsh Affairs Committee considers Wales’ role in the UK Government’s nuclear ambitions, reviewing the economic impact of nuclear energy as well as the development and feasibility of implementing new technologies into Wales’ clean energy mix.

Is Faster Still Better?

GHG emissions analysis challenges conventional approach to designing overland conveyors.

Overland conveyor

BechTech Podcast: Cracking the code with John Minichiello

In this episode of the BechTech Podcast, John Minichiello, a codes and standards subject matter expert, discusses his nearly 50 years developing technical processes and how he works with customers to deliver solutions.

Photo of John Minichiello

STEM Returners Filling Key Roles, Bring a Unique Perspective

The STEM Returners program, which Bechtel has supported since 2021, provides opportunities for experienced candidates to resume their professional lives following a career break.

STEM Returners with Ailie MacAdam at the Bechtel Perth office

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