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Heloisa Schmidt

  • Heloisa Schmidt
    Manager, Corporate Sustainability and

Heloisa Schmidt is the current Corporate Sustainability Manager with Bechtel. In her 18 years with Bechtel she has worked as Sustainability Manager for Bechtel Energy, Environmental Engineering Chief, ES&H Manager, Regulatory/Permitting Manager and Environmental Lead in energy, mining and metals and infrastructure projects globally.  She was elected a Bechtel Distinguished Technical Specialist in Environmental Engineering, Sustainability and Decarbonization in 2021.

She has over 20 years of experience specializing in sustainability, environmental engineering, environmental construction management, remediation, and regulatory and environmental compliance. She holds a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from Northwestern University and M.S. in Environmental Engineering from John’s Hopkins University.

Posts by Heloisa Schmidt

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  • Sumaq Wasi Housing: Beating the Cold

    In this three-part series, Bechtel's Heloisa Schmidt, manager, Corporate Sustainability, and Mellissa Case, sustainable development manager, Mining and Metals, share their on-the-ground experiences in Peru talking to Bechtel colleagues, partners, and community members. In this first installment, learn about the innovative partnership that is helping to protect indigenous families from extreme frost in the remote Andes.