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Bechtel’s Impact Report


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Zero-emission fuel on a massive scale

Hydrogen is light, storable, and energy-heavy and does not produce direct carbon emissions nor greenhouse gases.

Countries worldwide are accelerating the development and use of hydrogen technology to tackle environmental concerns and enhance energy security, as hydrogen can serve as a long-term, large-scale clean energy storage medium that aids power generation from renewable sources.

Sectors such as oil refining, ammonia production, methanol production, and steel production already use hydrogen extensively. Hydrogen will likely play a crucial role in the transition to clean energy with expanded use in transportation, buildings, and power generation.

In the short-to-medium term, these industries could use hydrogen technology to replace compressed natural gas in some areas with minor changes to the existing infrastructure.

However, formulating a cost-effective and well-regulated transition is a complex issue, and the cost of producing hydrogen from renewable energy sources is currently very high.

Bechtel has full capabilities to support the development and assessment of blue and green hydrogen projects. We have extensive experience delivering hydrogen generation projects through steam reforming, and we provide our deep technical expertise in emerging technologies.

Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen from electrolysis and fuel cell technologies has significant potential to enable the energy transition to a clean, low-carbon energy that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.

The generation of hydrogen via electrolysis of water lends itself to a high degree of standardization and repeatable design, and depending on the circumstances of the project, potentially also to modularization. The benefits of designing once and building many times enables the economic benefits of scale in operating facilities.

Bechtel has a growing level of experience of the latest developments in the electrolysis marketplace, and we have existing and strong relationships with technology providers. Because we are technology-neutral, we can integrate multiple licensors in one facility across multiple equipment providers, to provide the best technology for our customers’ requirements.

Our experts have extensive experience conducting pre-feasibility/feasibility studies and techno-economic analysis and scoping studies for green hydrogen, and related green ammonia technologies.

We are working with customers to integrate renewable power generation and electrolysis to realize tangible environmental benefits to existing facilities.

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Blue Hydrogen

Our commitment to energy efficiency, carbon capture, hydrogen, and circular economy solutions, enables our customers to meet the world’s growing needs for downstream products in a cleaner and more sustainable way.

Over the past 15 years, we have completed 28 hydrogen production and compression plants. Our experience in blue hydrogen production extends to hydrogen compression and storage, offsites and utilities, and water treatment. 

We have significant experience in the key processes and technologies common to all blue hydrogen facilities, including steam methane reforming, autothermal reforming, and partial air oxidation.

Our experts work with customers from the conceptual phase to select the best process solutions and leverage emerging technologies, including CO2 removal technologies. They remain engaged through execution and start-up to deliver lower carbon emission assets.

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Hydrogen Liquefaction

Through our experience in the LNG sector , we have developed a close partnership with many leading suppliers, including for cold boxes, and these suppliers are now developing their hydrogen liquefaction technology from pilot-size to full-scale. We are well positioned to deploy and integrate technology in our future LNG facility designs, through our relationships and experience in using their products.

Download the Hydrogen factsheet.