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Bechtel’s Impact Report

Master Planning

Wa'ad Al Shamaal urban planning aerial view

Turning ideas and visions into a plan of action

Throughout the project planning and development phase, we apply our worldwide engineering, procurement, and construction experience to deliver smart, sustainable infrastructures and cities. From urban highways and new industrial zones, to rail corridors and national infrastructure development, every project—no matter its size, complexity, or locationbenefits from our expertise and experience. We know what it takes to get the job done and done well. 

Featured projects

Wa'ad Al Shamaal

We are helping to plan and build a new metropolis, known as the King Abdullah project for Waad Al-Shamaal city development in the north of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a world-class industrial city, building on local mineral resources and creating a platform for downstream business. The city is an economic development hub that will bring economic prosperity to the country and provide key infrastructure links to the rest of the kingdom and the Middle-East region in general.

The Bechtel team developed the megaproject’s master plan and we are overseeing the engineering and construction of the planned city and industrial complex. Bechtel also developed an institutional strategy for the project that could lead to the establishment of a governance entity with the resources and authority to build and operate the new city.

Gabon national infrastructure plan

When government officials in Gabon decided to develop their national infrastructure plan, they selected Bechtel to support the country’s progressive programs and vision toward economic growth. Bechtel has since worked with the government to establish a new government agency, l’Agence National de Grands Travaux (ANGT),which currently oversees design services, and performs contract administration, construction and project management for more than 200 projects in the following areas: environment, rails, airports, housing, education, health, water, and tourism.


  • National development planning
  • Terminal and level-of-service analyses
  • Port and marine studies
  • Passenger studies
  • Industrial analyses and free trade zone planning
  • Economic plans and studies
  • Special events planning
  • Technical studies
  • Market analyses
  • Community planning
  • Airspace and aircraft circulation studies
  • Traffic analyses and projections
  • Organization development
  • Computer simulation, modeling, and virtual reality