Continually developing information systems to improve our work

Technology drives our business—it speeds schedules, cuts costs, improves productivity, ensures quality, and delivers long-term value for our customers.  We are continually developing information systems to improve our work and licensing market-leading technologies.

nuclear power plant

Nuclear Power

  • We have deep, first-of-a-kind expertise in nuclear power technologies, including all six of the advanced reactor technologies being considered in the United States, as well as extensive knowledge of other reactor technologies.
  • We have more than 2,200 nuclear professionals.
  • Our new nuclear design and licensing activities are supported by more than 100 specialists, including Bechtel Fellows, who are nationally or internationally known in their respective fields of seismology, civil and structural design, water use, meteorology, hydrology, soil-structure interaction, metallurgy, and hydraulics.
LNG plant

Oil, Gas & Chemicals

  • We have a dedicated LNG technology center to support design improvements and execution efficiency. We leverage our technology positions to deliver sustainable benefits to our customers. 
  • Through our standalone technology center,  Dowstream and Chemicals Technology Center, we harness the expertise of our oil, gas, and chemicals process technologists, and gas processing technologists within our centers of excellence, to offer consultation and services