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We harness the expertise of our technologists within our centers of excellence to offer consultation and specialized services across the energy sector.

LNG plant


  • Our Bechtel Energy Technologies & Solutions group provides technology and subject matter experts focused on delivering for our customers as they tackle the challenges of the energy transition. Bechtel delivers optimized solutions to help our customers realize lower capital costs, shorter times-to-market, and projects with lower carbon emissions.
  • Supported by world-renowned experts, the depth of technology experience, technology development capabilities, and suite of in-house licensed technologies enables us to examine innovative solutions and identify the best solution for our customer’s needs. This includes application of proven and emerging technologies, and innovative combinations of both, to lower carbon emissions for our customers.
  • We have a dedicated LNG technology center to support design improvements and execution efficiency. We leverage our technology positions to deliver sustainable benefits to our customers.
  • Specialized LNG Services

    Successful operating LNG facilities run safely and at optimum capacity in order to deliver stable, strong, economically viable results for our customers. Our Specialized LNG Services bring conceptual and feasibility studies, and operating expertise that support our customers in realizing operating benefits.

    Because we design, build, startup, and commission LNG plants, we have the right data, knowledge and expertise to help our customers successfully deliver smooth continuity in operations. We understand the complexities of an operating facility and what is entailed to perform brownfield construction and refurbishment activities within these facilities.

    We also bring conceptual and feasibility studies and operating expertise that support our customers in realizing operating benefits. 
  • Decarbonization Services

    Whether our customers have operating LNG facilities or are developing future projects, they are continually focused on working towards zero carbon liquefaction plants to support their environmental commitments and to meet regulatory and investor requirements.

    We help our customers achieve their decarbonization targets by developing and implementing innovative design and technology, construction, and operations solutions. We work alongside our customers throughout the entire lifecycle of LNG facilities as we continue to advance emission reduction initiatives.

    Our decarbonization services identify activities that are most beneficial in achieving your decarbonization goals and support your efforts to create carbon neutral offerings to successfully achieve Final Investment Decisions.

    Examples of what we deliver include:
    • Efficiency Improvement Assessments and Implementation Services
    • eDrive Approaches
    • Optimization of Liquefaction Processes
    • Carbon Capture and Sequestration Options
    • Activities that Support a Transition to H2 Economy