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Bechtel’s Impact Report

Operations & Sustainment

two workers in a simulation

Enabling ground-breaking research and development

Government laboratories and facilities provide research, testing, manufacturing, and development in pursuit of breakthrough innovations in defense, computing, energy, space exploration, and scientific discovery. They enlighten our understanding of everything from sub-atomic particles to humanity’s place in the universe.

In turn, these advances improve lives, strengthen economies, make the nation a safer place. 

The U.S. government turns to academia and private industry to manage and operate its national laboratories, testing centers, and production facilities. It expects these organizations to integrate world-class science with excellence in project management and business systems to operate these “crown jewels” of science as safely and efficiently as possible – as we have proudly done at multiple sites for decades.

Cutting edge science and technology

scientist works on an instrument in a clean facility

Bechtel and University of California formed partnerships to bring best practices from industry to enable world-class science for the benefit of U.S. national security. At Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the partnership also includes Battelle and Texas A&M University. Their combined record of accomplishments and awards is unmatched in both science and industry.

Critical aerospace research and testing

a supersonic wind tunnel

The Arnold Engineering Development Complex, with facilities in Tennessee, California, Maryland, and elsewhere, has played a role in testing nearly all of the United States’ top priority aerospace programs, from fighter jets and missiles to Apollo rockets and weather satellites. The Air Force has asked Bechtel and its partners to help improve operations far into the future without impacting missions of today. This includes attracting new customers currently served by commercial facilities and conducting testing of "hypersonic" systems, capable of travelling at many times the speed of sound.

Safe & efficient national security

three workers handle a large gravity bomb

Much of the government's national security infrastructure was built decades ago. With trusted partners in industry, the government is transforming and modernizing these facilities to become smaller, safer, more secure, and more effecient. For example, Bechtel's work at the Y-12 National Security Complex  since 2000.

Key projects