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Bechtel’s Impact Report

Smart Cities

Ivanpah development

Increasing resiliency and access to services

The question of how to redefine cities and spaces that will best serve future generations is one of global concern. It is a complex question, given advances in technology, rapid urbanization, population growth, and climate change.

Our customers’ goals are clear — find ways to improve the quality of people’s lives, create greater resiliency to natural disasters, and ensure sustainable growth and affordable access to services.

Helping our customers achieve these goals compels us, and we bring all our capabilities and experience to bear. Our strongest asset is our people, with unparalleled practical experience on some of the world’s largest and most complex projects. We will work with you to integrate the digital tools and data that are all around us for developing smart cities that evolve with humanity and ensure your communities thrive.

Featured stories

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Helping deliver 5G

Reliable connectivity is a global challenge — communities worldwide are clamoring for a better service. Bechtel is a long-term partner of the communications industry. Over the decades, we have collaborated with thousands of subcontractors and suppliers to design and install wireless systems that communicate with satellites in orbit, wireline projects that span continents, and last-mile services that connect people to our customers' networks. Most recently, we have been helping a major US carrier deploy their 5G networks faster.

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Beyond master-planning

Our approach to nationwide planning is to work with our customer from the earliest stages to develop solutions that achieve the best social, economic and environmental outcomes. A thoughtful, holistic approach to transport, power and multi-purposed infrastructure means our customers can arrive at better informed, more connected and therefore smarter solutions. This not only provides best value for money but also helps tackle the long-term challenges of relieving the strains of urbanization, decarbonizing energy and creating seamless digital connectivity.

Image of Texas train station at night

Rethinking rail

Rail systems help connect disenfranchised communities, reduce congestion and create new work and trade opportunities. There are many ways we can innovate to make existing rail systems more efficient and resilient. This includes finding ways to reduce the weight of passenger cars, creating regenerative braking to consume less fuel; placing smart controls in passenger cars for lighting, heating, and air conditioning; and even changing construction methods to improve mobile connectivity

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Concrete to fight floods

The growth of sidewalks, roads, parking lots, and other areas are reducing the amount of land able to absorb rainfall — which is increasing the risk of floods to our towns and cities. Permeable concrete is an effective way of absorbing the rainfall. While it has been around for more than twenty years, the application is still new to many places.