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Bechtel’s Impact Report

Combined Cycle

two men in a crane at Stonewall energy center

Building a bridge to clean energy

Simple and combined-cycle power solutions are helping regions increase energy reliability. By serving as a backup to address fluctuations in output from wind and solar, they can quickly meet changes in supply and demand. Combined-cycle plants achieve 50% fewer emissions than simple cycle, making them an even more attractive and sustainable source of energy.

Innovating for reliability

Bechtel has a U.S. patent for a combined-cycle power plant that offers greater operational flexibility, allowing the plant to start quickly while keeping emissions low. The innovative design can be used for new plants or to retrofit existing ones to assist our customers in meeting energy and environmental goals.

Prioritizing carbon capture

Bechtel also has a patent for efficient and cost-effective removal of carbon from gas turbine combined-cycle power plants. The innovation reduces the CO2 capture penalty—power diverted away from generation—by two-thirds, which means reducing overall capital costs by about 35% while producing 75 megawatts of extra power output.

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