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Bechtel’s Impact Report

Feasibility Studies

construction project in the distance

Ensuring the success of a project from concept to plant design

Developing early project plans through to plant designs that capture optimized solutions is critical to successful project financing and execution. Bechtel can help with a wide range of feasibility studies across capacities, technologies, environments, locations, and challenging geographic constraints so customers can progress to viable plant designs.

Site selection and optimization

Key steps in successful project development include completing a full assessment of the available site footprint, technology and driver options; maximizing production and constructability constraints; and developing optimized plot plans to suit the site.

To ensure customers have the complete picture when considering their project development options, we evaluate critical factors including equipment safe distances, codes, prevailing wind, dispersion, constructability, neighboring environmental constraints (e.g., hydrocarbon leak/ noise), and soil quality.

Asset maximization studies

Increasing plant production, reducing fuel usage, and monetizing gas while reducing emissions are vital for improving net present value.  Our experience across a wide variety of  LNG facilities and technologies and our use of innovative tools during construction enables our customers to meet their asset maximization goals.  

Gas turbine driver selection

Turbines are key to the overall successful operations of any LNG facility and to support carbon footprint reductions. Our pioneering innovations in the design and execution of LNG projects, coupled with wide knowledge of gas turbine and edrive technologies, allows us to offer broad solutions to customers.

Our innovations include the first use of a gas turbine and aeroderivative inlet cooling technologies for both chilling and evaporative cooling of gas turbine air inlet.

Compressor optimization

We can also assist with compressor designs that harmonize with the gas turbine designs.

By working closely with compressor vendors, we can help customers improve the process and mechanical elements of compressor performance as it impacts liquefaction, while  balancing trade-offs between single-point LNG production and annual LNG production.

Facility expansion optimizations

Using the knowledge gained by delivering 30% of the world’s LNG production capacity, we can help customers implement an efficient, cost-effective, and reliable facility expansion with the turndown capability to provide flexible LNG delivery.

Turbomachinery optimization and gas turbine performance enhancement

Customers can improve LNG plant efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions by replacing underperforming gas turbines with modern high-efficiency units, including necessary compressor reoptimization / revamps.