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Bechtel’s Impact Report

EV batteries and charging infrastructure

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Shaping the roads of the future

Electric vehicles are the future. With the energy transition fully underway, consumers have embraced EVs, enabling the emergence of this rapidly expanding market. EVs will revolutionize transportation as quickly as supply can meet demand.


With the fast-rising demand for EVs, our customers are faced with an immediate and accelerating need to scale battery manufacturing capacity.

Bechtel is uniquely positioned to address EV battery manufacturing challenges by bringing our megaproject approach to the battery gigafactory market. Using our extensive knowledge and experience, we provide a full array of project delivery services and technical expertise necessary to support the ambitions of this expanding industry.

Our global experience in logistics, material handling, chemical processing, industrial planning, and first-of-a-kind technology deployment demonstrate our ability to deliver optimized, integrated EPC expertise and performance. From feasibility studies, front-end engineering, and detailed design through construction, startup and operations, Bechtel is the ideal partner for battery manufacturers to deliver the scale of facilities needed to reach their aggressive goals. 

Our proactive planning, risk-management framework, and innovative solutions in constructability, modularization, and digitization enable us to compress project lifecycle while ensuring we maintain our high standards in safety and quality performance.

Charging infrastructure

As quickly as transportation transitions to EVs, so does the need for a distributed network of charging infrastructure robust enough to seamlessly integrate with our daily lives.

The complexity in EV charging infrastructure implementation demands the most attentive and qualified professionals. Drawing on our experience in building vast cell tower and fiber-to-the-home networks, we leverage proven strengths in supply chain management, network planning, and site acquisition/permitting processes to accelerate the availability of EV charging stations at scale. The experience gained from network and distribution projects combined with expertise in dealing with local, state, and federal governments is highly applicable in EV charging infrastructure build-out.

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