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Bechtel’s Impact Report

UK Ministry of Defence Programme

Bristol, UK
Defence Ships

Helping transform the Defence Equipment & Support organisation to procure equipment for the British Armed Forces

The UK Ministry of Defence selected Bechtel to help create more effective project management, project controls, and supply chain management processes for the defence equipment and support functions. Across the defence procurement system, we are working together to improve performance as well as train the 12,000-person Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) team.

Bechtel is introducing new skills, tools, and systems to DE&S to help the team manage equipment contracts more effectively and efficiently. From its Bristol headquarters, DE&S manages procurement and in-service support contracts for the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force.

Driving Improvement

Bechtel is installing a new metrics system and training the DE&S team to help manage procurement contracts more efficiently. DE&S manages procurement contracts for the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force at Abbey Wood, the largest MOD site in Britain. This 400,000-square-meter site is located in Bristol.

Enhancing national security

Bechtel’s improvements to the Fleet and Air portfolios will help the British Armed Forces deliver the UK defence vision by protecting national interest, providing the nation with choice in times of crisis, and maximising the return on public investment.



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