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Bechtel’s Impact Report

Kochi Canal Regeneration

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Regenerating Canals to Mitigate Extreme Flooding and Purify Polluted Water in Fort Kochi, India

About the Project

In India, is helping the Fort Kochi government develop a more resilient and sustainable solution to flood mitigation, pollution, and canal restoration. We completed a technical assessment of affected canals and identified a nature-based technology that integrates natural plant species into a gravity-fed water treatment system to recycle and generate clean water. This reduces flooding and regenerates the canal to promote sustainable livelihoods like shrimp farming and eco-tourism.

With our partners, we are developing the next phase, which includes piloting this technology in one canal to benefit over a thousand people in Fort Kochi. The goal is to demonstrate this as a viable, scalable, and repeatable solution for all Kochi’s canal restoration projects.  

Making an Impact


On The Ground: Progress Updates

The project is currently in its Phase 1 which involves front-end work, pilot project execution, and operational readiness and transition to the Kochi municipal government. This pilot phase of the project will build the technical and impact basis of Green-Gray Infrastructure (GGI) for the Kochi government, affected communities, and local stakeholders. Once completed, they will be prepared to implement the project in the selected canal in Phase 2.

Contribution to Impact

  • 350 households and 1,000 people engaged for design input

Contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals

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This project will impact around 12,000-13,000 people by cleaning their canal and mitigating flooding during monsoon season…It’s projects like the Kochi Restoration Project which can help the world, the cities, and the communities who live here by giving them a sustainable solution to help protect their livelihood, their property, and their lives.

Tara Pillai, project manager at