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Putting people’s welfare at the heart of infrastructure delivery

Good health, access to education, the opportunity to work, an environment where women can thrive without fear of threat. These are just a few of the social privileges that are hard fought-for in many developing communities.

At we believe that infrastructure is a force for social good.

Impact Infrastructure—that is, infrastructure that is tied to the wellbeing of communities—is our promise and our purpose.

"We started to help build resilient and sustainable communities. We’re seeking projects and partnerships that can produce scalable solutions for underserved communities around the world." – Brendan Bechtel, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Bechtel





As a social enterprise, was established to deliver Impact Infrastructure to help improve the lives of people.

Every project starts with a social need – for example, tackling life-threatening illnesses or establishing a safe haven for women to prosper. From there, we work closely with local communities, agencies, and experts, and draw upon Bechtel’s global engineering, construction and project management experience, to develop a framework for project delivery.

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Our Focus

  • Disaster Reduction & Recovery

  • Education

  • Energy

  • Environment

  • Food Security

  • Health

  • Infrastructure

  • Water

Our Approach

Applying our three pillars of impact, partners with communities and stakeholders to identify the social need; help design and deliver infrastructure solutions; and share the data and lessons learned to maximize the benefits.

  • Impact Thinking

    A deep understanding of the needs and challenges of communities requires empathy and engagement. Impact Thinking is a blueprint that guides us on this journey of discovery. We begin with an analysis of the communities’ state of vulnerability, the institutions that support them, and the local capacity to achieve the right outcomes. From here we develop of a roadmap to making a meaningful social impact. 

  • Project Development & Delivery

    Impact Infrastructure is premised on local engagement, capacity building, and knowledge transfer. We work with diverse stakeholders and partners to reach communities, build local capabilities, and help accelerate and scale project delivery and impact. Each project has a deployed Impact Team and access to Bechtel’s applied technologies, execution tools, technical experts, and global resources.

  • Thought Leadership

    Meaningful impact comes through engaging, sharing, and inspiring others to action. We are passionate about energizing others to innovate and improve the way community infrastructure is delivered, and seek partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations. 


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