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Bechtel’s Impact Report

Russell City Energy Center

California, USA
Russell City Energy Center

Delivering efficient and environmentally-friendly power to the Bay Area

Bechtel was the engineering, procurement and construction contractor for the 620-megawatt Russell City Energy Center near the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay. 

The natural gas-fired, combined-cycle facility, which uses advanced emissions-control technology, is more efficient and significantly cleaner than plants using old technology. The Russell City facility is helping repower Northern California's antiquated generating infrastructure. 

Owned by Calpine Corporation and GE Energy Financial Services, the power plant became operational in 2013. 

Inside the project

The facility uses the most advanced emissions-control technology available today for a natural gas-fired power plant. The plant conserves water by using reclaimed wastewater from the city of Hayward's Water Pollution Control Facility for all cooling and boiler 'makeup' (to replace water that was lost in boiler operations).

This environmentally responsible process prevents up to 4 million gallons (15 million liters) of wastewater from being discharged into San Francisco Bay each day.

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