In addition to building some of the world's modern marvels, Bechtel plays a role in developing and financing projects through our Bechtel Enterprises (BEn) group. To date, BEn has developed or participated in the financing of more than 100 projects around the globe both directly and through joint-development companies. These projects represent more than $85 billion of capital investment.


  • Strategic analysis
  • Market studies
  • Technology evaluations
  • Project screenings
  • Commercial structuring and negotiations
  • Development and investment capital
  • Finance arrangement
  • Asset management

Featured Projects

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Stonewall Energy Center

A local real estate developer originated the Stonewall Project as a combined power plant and data center project in Northern Virginia. After initiating development, he approached Bechtel for help to move the project into advanced development. In partnership with the local developer, BEn provided the development capital and led the permitting and development of the combined cycle power project. Milestones achieved included securing the air permit, executing the water supply agreement, securing county and state approvals, completing the electric interconnection process, and selecting the long term equity partner. BEn later sold a majority interest in the project to Panda Power Funds, who then completed the development with our support, and closed financing within 2-1/2 years from Bechtel's initial entry to the project.  Image courtesy of Panda Power Funds.

Carroll county energy facility

Carroll County Energy Facility

Advanced Power, an independent power developer approached BEn to help advance a 700 MW Ohio combined cycle project.  We formed a partnership where BEn provided development capital and supported their development team. Bechtel also provided technical support to the development effort and entered into a fully-wrapped, lump-sum turnkey EPC contract that was instrumental to raising project debt and equity. Advanced Power closed on the project financing within 10 months after forming the development partnership.