A critical element for renewable power

Aluminum is a critical element in helping the world move closer to net zero. Light and durable, it is ideal for renewable energy solutions such as wind and solar farms. It is central to the aviation, rail and automotive industries, as it helps to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. A great conductor of energy, aluminum is also used to electrify trains, further reducing emissions; as well as in the production of lithium-ion batteries, which are used for electric and hybrid vehicles; and the food packaging industry.

Bechtel has partnered with some of the world's principle producers over decades to meet growing global demand. Working with our customers across the entire value chain, we have successfully completed major greenfield and brownfield bauxite, alumina and aluminum projects in Australia, Canada, Iceland, the Middle East and New Zealand. By collaborating on these major initiatives, we have positively impacted local economies by creating jobs and contributing to local and national GDPs in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Alumina & Aluminum Center of Excellence   

Our Alumina and Aluminum Center of Excellence’s leadership and technical specialists provide expert evaluation of systems, new and emerging technologies, and design solutions, with an in-depth understanding of both the customers’ needs, and technologies employed in order to maximize their investments. With recent experience with all major alumina and aluminum process technologies and demonstrated experience commissioning new facilities, our experts are recognized as industry leaders worldwide.

The group brings together industry best practices, innovation, global perspective and practical design and construction expertise to mitigate technical risks and produce industry-leading plants with optimized cost and schedule outcomes. Through the Center of Excellence, we have the capability to support our customers through the entire lifecycle of the asset from concept design through to operations, decommissioning and plant closure. ​​

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