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Innovation and the EPC industry: opportunity is everywhere

Advances in technology, equipment automation, data integration, and virtual reality create incredible opportunities in the engineering, procurement, and construction industry. They equip us to work safer, better, faster, and leaner. Adding this progress to the tried-and-true processes, honed over centuries, that have delivered the modern marvels of the world is crucial to attracting the next generation of engineers – including system and software engineers – to an industry where they can make the impossible a reality.

Accelerating the pace of innovation

Since 1898, Bechtel has been a pioneer of innovation in the industry. In addition to completing thousands of one-of-a-kind projects, we led advances that changed the industry forever, such as requiring hardhats be worn at large construction projects; an industry practice that started with Bechtel at the Hoover Dam.

Bechtel’s unique expertise in engineering, procurement and construction in conjunction with a global reach help us anticipate, create, pilot, and quickly implement new ways of doing things. Our huge global supply chain exposes us to the best and most innovative partners.

innovation process

Our approach

We believe the key to innovation is to learn safe, learn fast, and learn forward. We follow a six-step internal process to test assumptions, integrate solutions in the business, and ensure a steady stream of diverse ideas.  Our goal is rapidly to deliver mature innovation to our projects for the benefit of our customers.

Ideas through implementation

Our colleagues around the world have submitted more than 2,600 ideas, with over 500 ideas in the prototype stage. Of these ideas, 35 ideas have been implemented on 42 projects, for a total of 125 deployments. These ideas range from wearable devices for employees to improve efficiency, using drones to increase accuracy and safety, creating automated mooring systems, delivering high-risk training via virtual reality, drill head collision detection, 4-D technology and virtual reality to improve cargo logistics, virtual project delivery, autonomous equipment, and inflatable scaffolding inspired by children's bounce houses.

Currently more than $53 million has been committed to prototyping and testing these new ideas.

Learn more about our approach at Forbes: Less Dust, More Data. Construction sites have gone high-tech.

Partnering with industry and academia

In 2018

  • We have met with more than 50 companies, including the most promising start-ups in the burgeoning construction tech scene to talk through ideas and challenges and review their technologies
  • We are co-sponsoring the NASA Centennial 3D Printing challenge with Bradley University, Caterpillar, AutoDesk and Brick & Mortar VC
  • We are partnering with NHEO Institute to advance innovative safety practices and engagement of craft professionals on construction sites through their Building a Safer Future Campaign 
  • We were recognized for our enterprise-wide approach to innovation by the Business Intelligence Group as a winner of their 2018 BIG Innovation Awards
  • We collaborate with Station Houston to connect local startups with industry experts. The partnership focuses on enhancing opportunities for local entrepreneurs through mentoring and engagement in solving EPC industry challenges

Investing in the future 

Bechtel has long believed that the future of our industry comes from the next generation of engineers. One way of investing in our industry’s future is by partnering with organizations such as FIRST®, DiscoverE and Junior Achievement.  We have also sponsored the creation of Dream Big, an IMAX film geared to children encouraging them to make a difference through STEM. 

Collaborate with us.

If you have a technology or innovative idea and you would like to work with Bechtel, tell us about it.

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