Our D&I Vision

We respect, appreciate, and value differences in individuals, and ensure all individuals are meaningfully integrated into Bechtel’s culture while retaining their unique qualities.

Bechtel has been a leader in the EPC industry since 1898, and our people are one of the key reasons for this success. We build dynamic, diverse, mobile, high-performance teams whenever and wherever they are needed. We respect each other and value the higher quality of decision-making that comes from our diverse backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs.

At Bechtel, global diversity refers to the presence of many distinctive individuals in the workplace, marketplace, and community. We embrace the diversity in gender, race, nationality, culture, ethnicity, thinking styles, life experiences, and all other attributes that make each of us unique.  Today, we have people from 73 countries of origin working on projects worldwide.

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Our Committments

Our chairman and CEO, and president and COO made the following commitments to our global workforce. In addition, new policies are being implemented to promote a feedback-rich culture focused on building self-awareness and closing development gaps. Improving Bechtel’s diversity and inclusion requires long-term commitment and continuous improvement. We are excited to learn what has worked for other organizations.

  • We will build an inclusive and diverse culture where our colleagues feel valued, challenged, motivated and treated fairly
  • We will invest in our people and develop diverse leadership to meet our enterprise needs while delivering results for our customers
  • We will hold ourselves and our colleagues at all levels accountable to perform to these commitments.

Our D&I Strategy

Our global strategy has three strategic objectives that reflect the priorities Bechtel Corporation has made to enable the desired impact on our business and the employee experience.

  • Attract the best and brightest global talent by strengthening our reputation and demonstrating behaviors aligned with our Vision, Values, and Covenants.
  • Engage and energize our colleagues by focusing on fairness, transparency, and inclusion – values that differentiate us as an employer of choice.
  • Inspire our people to build satisfying careers at Bechtel by promoting a culture of diversity, meaningful feedback, and development.

Our Desired Impacts

We will:

  • Ensure our talent pipeline is fueled by diverse hires, which leads to diversity at all levels.
  • Increase the percentage of employees who view Bechtel’s promotion and hiring practices as clear, transparent, and fair.
  • Build awareness and alignment about inclusion, which leads to clearer expectations, behavior changes, and individuals equipped with tools to hold one another accountable to expected behaviors.
  • Increase confidence that opportunities are awarded based on merit and that people of all backgrounds can succeed at Bechtel.
  • Transparently share diversity data with all levels of the organization and use the data to measure the success of our improvement actions against targets.

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