Our Vision, Values, and Commitments (VV&Cs) have evolved and guided how we do business for over 50 years. As we mark Bechtel’s 125th anniversary, we have refreshed them to help define our path forward.

Global companies are operating in a world that’s never been more complex. In many ways, this makes it even more critical that we’re able state our values clearly and simply. We streamlined, clarified, and sharpened them, making them more powerful and easier to remember and apply.

– Brendan Bechtel, CEO and Chairman

Our Vision: 

Extraordinary teams building inspiring projects. 

Values and Commitments 

We live for a challenge

​•  Make our customers' ambitions a reality

•  Adapt quickly and always look for a better way

We do the right thing

•  Exercise the highest level of integrity and ethics

•  Create a positive legacy through purposeful and sustainable projects

We take care of each other

•  Safety and wellbeing above all 

•  Treat each other with utmost respect

We succeed together

•  Embrace our differences, seek diverse views, and listen to understand

•  Foster a deep sense of belonging

We build trust

•  Develop lasting "One Team" relationships with our colleagues, customers, and partners

•  Hold ourselves accountable to deliver excellence

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