Helping our customers meet the global demand for low carbon, affordable and reliable energy, we find the right solution for every country’s unique energy needs, resources, and ambitions.

Bechtel currently has a patent pending for the efficient removal of carbon emitted from gas-fired power plants. Its two technological innovations reduce the power lost in capturing carbon by almost 65 percent, while also lowering overall capital cost by more than 30 percent.​

Panda Temple

Combined-cycle gas facility

Panda Sherman and  Temple I and Temple II, as well as Stonewall Energy Center are among the cleanest natural-gas-fueled power plants operating in the United States. Together they will generate more than 3,000 megawatts (mw) of energy to power 3 million homes but emit half the carbon emissions of equivalent coal-fired electricity. Built with the most advanced emissions control technologies, they have a zero-emission discharge.



Bechtel is constructing the 695-mw Keeyask Generating Station, one of the largest hydroelectric plants in North America, using approximately 212,000 cubic feet (6,003 cubic meters) of water per second, more than twice the flow of Niagara Falls. When complete, Keeyask will supply 25 percent more energy to the Manitoba and provide power to nearly 400,000 homes with renewable energy.

Watts Bar 2


Bechtel completed construction of Watts Bar Unit 2 in Tennessee, U.S. As the first nuclear power plant in the U.S. in a decade, it will power more than 650,000 homes and avoid roughly 6-8 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually from coal-fired plants.

Curtis Island LNG

Liquefied Natural Gas

Bechtel has built nearly one-third of the world’s LNG capacity—more than any other contractor—to meet the global demand for low-carbon fuels. Bechtel has produced roughly 120 million metric tons per year. This track record covers 16 sites and 10 countries, including Curtis Island and Wheatstone LNG, Australia; Sabine Pass Regasification, Louisiana, U.S; Atlantic LNG, Trinidad and Tobago; and EG LNG, Equatorial Guinea. Our technology collaboration with ConocoPhillips, using the Optimized Cascade® LNG Process, removes carbon dioxide and other contaminates from the raw gas before liquefaction.

Sammis power plant


With the growing demand for practical solutions to climate change considerations, we work with customers to retrofit existing facilities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With our partners, Bechtel installed state-of-the-art air-quality-control systems for the 2,220-mw Sammis coal-fired power complex in Ohio, U.S.

California Valley Solar Ranch


Three of the Bechtel-built solar projects Catalina Solar PV Generating Facility (110 mw), Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (377 mw), and California Valley Solar Ranch (250 mw) are powering some 275,000 homes in California. The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System is the world's largest solar thermal facility, and it has nearly doubled the amount of commercial solar thermal energy now generated in the United States.