Resiliency is one of society’s top sustainability challenges, and we believe that poor infrastructure resilience, both physical and natural, undermines communities’ capacity to cope, rebuild, and recover from extreme weather and natural disasters.

The 2016 Global Climate Risk Index showed that between 1995 and 2014 more than 525,000 people died as a direct result of approximately 15,000 extreme weather events. The total amount of losses incurred was over $US 2.97 trillion. The World Bank also estimates that by 2030, there could be 325 million people trapped in poverty and vulnerable to extreme weather events in sub-Saharan Africa and South and Southeast Asia.


Improve the resiliency and sustainability of five million vulnerable people against extreme weather events and other natural hazards by 2030 through our social impact projects.  


To develop and deliver projects that apply Bechtel’s Green-Grey approach, which integrates nature-based (green), engineering (grey), and disaster risk reduction practices.

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