2030 Targets

While Bechtel has deployed practices to protect the environment, start small businesses, and empower local communities for decades, we wanted to create specific goals that we could measure, and to which we could contribute. The following goals transition Bechtel from a two and half year strategy to integrate sustainability more comprehensively within the company. They were established around four areas where the company’s experience, technologies, relationships, and core competencies can make a sizable impact: support global goals around energy, infrastructure, water, and worker welfare; advance sustainability in project development and delivery; strengthen the resilience of communities; and leverage supplier engagements to further catalyze sustainable opportunities.

100 Ideas for Global Sustainability

100 Ideas

Contribute 100 ideas to help achieve the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals.

natural hazard resilience

Resilience for millions

Improve the resilience of five million people to natural hazards.

reduced environmental footprint

Environmental Footprint

Use sustainable alternatives to reduce our environmental footprint on 100 percent of our key projects and non-project facilities.

Engage with responsible partners

100% engagement

Engage 100 percent of our key suppliers to promote sustainability in the delivery of materials and services, and prevent modern-day slavery, including within their own supply chains.