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Supplier Fraud Alert - Please Read

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Supplier Fraud Alert - Please Read

Bechtel has been informed about companies receiving fraudulent invoices, purchase orders, credit applications and banking instructions. The targeted companies are asked to open a credit application for Bechtel, place an order for equipment, or request the banking information for Bechtel be changed to a different bank account before processing current or future invoices.

These fraudulent communications are sent from individuals impersonating Bechtel and are sent from illegitimate email addresses and phone numbers to customers, contractors, and vendors.  The fraudulent messages often include the Bechtel logo, the name of an actual Bechtel employee, and an accurate physical address of a Bechtel office. The email addresses utilized by the fraudsters often resemble but are slightly different from Bechtel’s official domain space.

If you receive fraudulent invoices or purchase order communications, please contact Bechtel at [email protected]. Please forward the email, phone number, and any other documentation you received.

In addition, you may:

Ways to identify potential fraud

Check the email address:

  • The email you receive comes from an address OTHER THAN [name] For example: Emails from similar addresses that use "Bechtel" somewhere in the domain.
  • The email you receive comes from a free email provider. The only official email address from Bechtel is [name]

Ask what is being requested:

  • The email requests a change in bank details for "Bechtel."   Bechtel very rarely changes its bank details and would communicate any change in conformity with the contract or purchase order, not by e-mail or telephone call.
  • The email includes verbiage indicating a sense of urgency and implies negative repercussions if not fulfilled.

Verify the requestor's identity via alternate and verifiable contact information:

  • Do NOT use the contact information from the suspicious communication, as it may be false.
  • Make positive contact via phone or email using the contact information for Bechtel in your files or published on