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Bechtel’s Impact Report

About Procurement

Bechtel Employees

Our suppliers and subcontractors are critical members of our contracting and procurement functions in support of the company’s diverse business portfolio.

Our acquisition strategy

Use the best technologies, international competition, and world-class products and services.

We provide an optimized supply chain base for each project and client. We depend on you, the supplier, for expert knowledge, quality, and integrity to consistently bring to our projects the best solutions. Together we create a robust global organization of talented people who can capitalize on opportunities and continually offer increasing value to our customers worldwide. 

We work with qualified suppliers who commit to safely delivering quality goods and services―on time and within budget. We are committed to the highest safety and ethical standards in the industry and we expect the same dedication from our supplier and subcontractor organizations. We seek suppliers and subcontractors who understand their obligations and work with us to meet our customers’ expectations.

Regulation compliance

It is our responsibility to fully comply with U.S. export and import control regulations, and we request the full support of our subcontractors and suppliers. Compliance with U.S. export and import laws is critical to ensuring that all parties maintain export and import privileges and sustain their ability to engage the global marketplace.