The key to energy transition and electromobility

Copper has emerged as one of the most important elements underpinning the world’s transition to cleaner energy and electromobility. It is crucial to technological advancement, digital connectivity and electricity transmission, powering the networks that enable modern society. As ore reserves deplete and ore grades decline, Bechtel is supporting our customers with designing and building the critical process infrastructure that will secure the supply of copper for decades to come.

Copper Center of Excellence

The world’s largest mining producers continue to look for the best ways to produce and deliver copper safely and responsibly, with the minimum disruption to local communities and the environment.

Our Copper Center of Excellence in Santiago assists our customers by applying the latest technologies and innovations to the mining process in order to reduce water and energy consumption, preserve local supplies of these elements, and achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.

From standard concentrator designs, to integrated concentrator, water, energy, pipeline and port solutions, our customers have access to our industry experts with experience in plant engineering, optimization, constructability and operations. Together, Bechtel and our customers have built the majority of the western world’s copper concentrators, including 10 in the last 15 years.

The team develops upstream solutions from pre-feasibility studies to execution by combining leading technology with innovation, new sustainable processing facilities and supporting mining infrastructure, allowing Bechtel to provide our customers with pit-to-port solutions, regardless of the logistical challenges or locations.

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