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Bechtel’s Impact Report

Models for Multi-Phase & Single-Phase Flow in Pressure Relieving System Using Bernoulli Integration

  • 27 April 2015

Additional Authors: Sanjay Viswanath

The Bernoulli (mechanical energy) equation is very important in fluid flow, particularly since it describes how mechanical energy is transformed into other forms of energy. But complications occur in compressible flow since the density changes with pressure. The traditional tool is the analytical solution of the Bernoulli equation. However, to characterize density as a function of pressure for compressible fluid, simplifying assumptions are needed that limit the application. As an alternative, it is becoming more prevalent to use integral methods to numerically solve the Bernoulli equation in compressible flow.

This paper will outline the use of numerical integration for several common situations: orifices, relief valves, and control valves. Explanations and derivations will be provided to illustrate how these models can be used for choked / non-choked, single and multiphase systems.

To read the full paper, check out the attachment below.


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