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Bechtel’s Impact Report

Colleagues making a difference: Lanette Edwards

We caught up with colleagues who are making a difference in their communities as a response to COVID-19. In this series, we learn how each of them is stepping up and what they’ve learned in the process.

Lanette Edwards has spent 30 years of her career with Bechtel. Throughout that time she can tell you one thing has remained a constant: Bechtel people rise to a challenge.

“I’ve always been proud of working for Bechtel, but it’s been really inspiring to see colleagues rise up during this time,” said Lanette.

Early on during the COVID crisis, Lanette saw a social media post from a nurse friend that explained how headbands with buttons hold the elastic from PPE masks and ease ear pain during long shifts. Eager to help, Lanette began making headbands for her close friends on the frontline and soon extended her sewing skills to others in the hospital as well.

Listen as Lanette talks about how a few buttons on a headband are saving the skin on the ears of front-line workers.

Read how colleagues Alberta and Clint are also making a difference. 

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