Industrial water treatment

Knowing how water fits into your industrial process means we understand how important this scope is for your facility's operations. Our expertise in design, construction and start-up of upstream oil & gas, refining, power generation and mining facilities enables us to deliver the right water solutions and processes for our customers' businesses. This holistic approach also ensures that life cycle cost and operability are at the forefront of every solution. 
Bechtel has experience with all major treatment technologies and remains technology neutral. As a result, we can provide solutions that offer the lowest risk and best results for our customers’ requirements.


  • Raw water treatment: Prepare source water for use in the plant
  • Effluent treatment: Meet liquid discharge quality requirements
  • Water reuse and closed-circuit design: Reduce or eliminate need for continuous water supply
  • Desalination and de-mineralization
  • Zero-liquid discharge: Reduce liquid discharge to solid waste
  • Produced water treatment and reinjection: Treat reservoir water associated with oil, gas and condensate production

Featured projects

Escondida Water Supply, Chile

The Escondida Water Supply project team constructed a new seawater desalination plant that is linked to the Escondida mine site in the Andes mountains by two 112-mile (180-kilometer), 42-inch (107-centimeter) diameter lined pipelines. Four high-pressure pump stations move water east from the port of Coloso across the Atacama Desert and up to a reservoir at the mine, which is located 10,500 feet (3,200 meters) above sea level. In addition, we delivered 75 miles (120 kilometers) of new 220-kilovolt transmission lines, built three new substations, and expanded four existing substations to power the system.

Jubail Industrial City and Port, Saudi Arabia

Bechtel has managed the Jubail project, in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, since it began in the mid-1970s. In 2004, the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu asked Bechtel to manage Jubail II, a 20,590-acre (8,300-hectare) expansion of the city’s industrial and residential areas. Today, Jubail is Saudi Arabia’s industrial center, contributing 7 percent of the country’s gross domestic product.
Bechtel has provided engineering, procurement and construction management services for six desalination plants (both SWRO and multistage flash distillation), supplying over 559,802 cubic yards (428,000 cubic meters) per day of water for municipal and industrial use. In addition, we have delivered massive seawater cooling systems, canals, pump stations, wastewater treatment facilities, and power supply (over 2,000 megawatts).