Unlocking resources for the future

The mining and metals industry plays a crucial role in social and technological progress. As the world accelerates towards achieving net zero carbon emissions, our customers are delivering the raw materials that enable the transition to electromobility, renewable energy, digitization and smart infrastructure. And as the global population continues to grow, our customers are mining for the key ingredients to boost agricultural productivity and deliver social and economic growth for a better future.

Our customers prioritize sustainable development — delivering jobs and training for local people and stimulating growth and business opportunities for local communities. We are proud to share their commitment to setting and achieving the highest environmental, social, and governance standards on our mining and metals projects across the globe.

“Every day our customers’ projects are delivering key resources for a better and more prosperous future. Whether helping to decarbonize our transportation and cities, supporting millions of high-skilled jobs or providing economies with new paths to growth, your projects are helping to solve complex social and environmental challenges” —  Paige Wilson, president, Mining & Metals business unit.

Our approach

Mining and metals customers rely on us to deliver their world class assets including copper and gold concentrators, industrial water supply systems, iron ore and bauxite bulk materials handling facilities, refineries, aluminum smelters and phosphate plants.

By aligning everything we do to our customers’ goals, we help achieve operational and performance excellence. We combine industry-leading innovation and integrated EPC for greater capital efficiency, and our unwavering commitment to safety, quality and ethics helps us ensure we leave a lasting positive legacy in the communities we serve.