Finding innovative solutions to complex environmental problems

Bechtel's wide-range capabilities and extensive experience continue to play a crucial part in the management of complex, multisite environmental programs. Our reputation for finding innovative solutions to complex environmental problems continues to lead both government and industry to call on us to manage diverse projects.

K-25 plant at Oak Ridge

Oak Ridge Reservation

From 1998 to 2011, we led Bechtel Jacobs Company, the environmental management contractor for U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) facilities at the Oak Ridge Reservation in Tennessee. 

Areas of the 33,750-acre reservation were contaminated during World War II and the Cold War. We cleaned up a major portion of this legacy by decontaminating and demolishing old buildings, remediating contaminated soil and water, and treating and disposing of waste.

Hanford River

Hanford River Corridor Closure

Bechtel works on the team performing cleanup near the Columbia River at the DOE's Hanford Site in Washington state. We are safely cleaning up 550 waste sites and burial grounds, including liquid waste cribs and trenches, buried pipelines, and areas contaminated by leaks and spills.  We are operating the Bechtel-designed and -constructed Environmental Restoration Disposal Facility, designating, transporting, treating, and disposing of more than 8 million tons of contaminated materials from cleanup and closure operations.

Three-Mile Island nuclear power plant

Three-Mile Island nuclear power plant

Bechtel performed extensive cleanup and remediation after the accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant. We successfully lowered radioactivity levels to establish a stable and secure facility.